How To Organize a Massage Mingle

CE-ProviderStep 1:  Decide where you want to host your Massage Mingle. Suggested places are your office, your home, a coffee shop, or a restaurant.

Step 2: Decide when you want to host your Massage Mingle.

Step 3: Decide if you’ll have an activity at your Massage Mingle. Will it just be socializing? Are you using the Mingle to organize a local Community Activity? Do you want to host a Speed Mingle?

Step 4Locate your Area and let your Area Liaison know you want to organize a Massage Mingle along with all the when and where information. This will allow our webmonkey to help you advertise your Massage Mingle.

CullmanMingleStep 5: Post your Massage Mingle on the Facebook Group. Make an Event if you know how. If you don’t, don’t worry, our webmonkey knows how.

Step 6: Call all your friends and invite them to your Massage Mingle. They don’t have to be AMTA members, but ultimately you want most of them to be massage oriented.

Step 7: Host your Massage Mingle! Take pictures, have fun, get to know fellow massage therapists in the area and decide how you can all use massage to benefit your local community.

Step 8:  Let us know how your Massage Mingle went. Send us pictures and we’ll put them on the website and Facebook page!